Dear Friends,

Do you smile to yourself or for yourself?

The other day I noticed that when I look in the mirror I don’t smile at myself. Sometimes when I’m looking I try to see myself as the world sees me or at other times I don’t even acknowledge myself because I am too absorbed with the task in hand.

I didn’t realize that I side-stepped myself so routinely. It’s as though this inner relationship with myself is less important than other aspects of my life. I act as if I don’t need this smile or encouragement from myself.

It’s a small thing in the scheme of things but a big deal in terms of healing. Inner healing happens when we begin to generate a better relationship with ourselves, where we priorotize paying attention to what’s gong on inside our beings.

I want to pivot this habit because I recognize that this is a choice point. I want to smile more for myself and engage these muscles that create warmth, inner knowing and the felt sense of worthiness.

How about you? How’s your smile today? And your inner smile? What’s inside counts!