Photo: Lexi MacKenzie

Hello my dear friends and lovers of L I G H T

Thank you, thank you for reading my blog posts and sharing your thoughts with me over the years. It has been a true privilege to write these posts and give them air. I feel blessed to have been able to bring ideas, share meditations and nudge in new possibilities for your consideration.  And with that in mind, I have something new for you to consider

As you know my father died recently and what I can report back to you is that it has opened me up from my core. My inner voice has been asking me the following questions one way or another: “What matters most to you? How do you want to spend your time, your energy, your purpose? How do you want to be in your life?”

It keeps pushing me, pressing me and I can feel a desire building in me to turn over a new page, to rip off a mask or two that separates me from the person I want to be creatively… My dad’s death has unrooted something daring in me.

Daring me to be vivid, vibrant and creative.

Daring me to present my vision with music and visuals. Adding movement to meditations and raising the vibration to get us all to dance.

Would you be interested in exploring that with me? Do you want to build your positive energy reserves? Can you imagine your cells dancing? Do you want to join others to celebrate light and focus our attention towards positivity/

Please say YES because without you it wouldn’t be the same.  I want you to be with us as we blow open the doors to our hearts and light up the world one cell at a time, one moment at a time.

So starting in January, instead of my weekly posts, I will be presenting this energy, dance, meditation to you once a month, every month for the whole of 2018 in video or audio or written form. I hope that you will join me.

This is my last post of the year and I wish you happy holidays and never-ending light to buoy your hearts and souls. See you in January.