Recently, I have witnessed a subtle shift in my spiritual gears and a not so subtle change in my growth mindset and pursuits. Rather than an insatiable quest for knowledge, wisdom, and new experiences, I’ve discovered an affinity for the tranquility of “not-knowing.” The constant access and availability of information and entertainment has inadvertently led me to a place of calm, (yay) where the sanctuary of a serene mind has become my most cherished refuge.

This brings to mind a delicious, mind brightening quote by Ken Wilber. If you don’t know him, he’s like John Wick* i.e.he takes no prisoners and is super literate when it comes to mapping structures of consciousness, transpersonal psychology, and integral theory .

“The very desire to seek spiritual enlightenment is in fact nothing but the grasping tendency of the ego itself and thus the very search for enlightenment prevents it. The ‘perfect practice’ is therefore not to search enlightenment but to inquire into the motive for seeking itself. You obviously seek in order to avoid the present, and yet the present alone holds the answer: to seek forever is to miss the point forever. You always already are enlightened Spirit, and therefore to seek Spirit is simply to deny spirit.”

As I reflect on my ongoing inner journey, I find solace in embracing the inherent wisdom within these words. The present moment, devoid of the compulsion to constantly seek, stands as the gateway to subtle and profound realizations: I like hanging out with myself and I have a deep appreciation for the stillness that resides within me. It is in this tranquil haven that I continue to uncover the nourishing essence of existence, recognizing that the very act of seeking is often an unintentional denial of the innate enlightenment that already resides within.

Today, I invite you to consider your own path of self-discovery. Are there areas in your life where you find yourself constantly seeking yet perhaps missing the wisdom that resides within you? Is there a yearning for a sanctuary of stillness amidst the noise of everyday life?

Pause, breathe, and allow the quietude of your mind to become a cherished sanctuary. As you navigate your inner landscape, remember that the journey is constantly unfolding, and each moment holds the potential for profound realization.

Thanks for spending time with me and my current contemplations. I would love to hear your thoughts about your inner journey and where you find yourself in it. Is it new or different and how has it changed from only a few years, months, weeks ago?

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With Love,

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