For this moment together let’s relax.  Let all the stuff fall away, the heavy load of duties or the piles of laundry, the exercise plans, and even the health issues, and stretch your wings. Yes, your wings. Just imagine them, unfolding and opening out of your back.  How big are they?

Breathe into your body and stretch. Press your feet firmly into the ground and extend your arms way up above your head. Feel the spaces between your vertebrae grow.

Imagine becoming plump and juicy full of nourishing light. Fill up to your heart’s delight.

How does it feel? Is a quiet moment of brightness and luminosity or is your body rippling with strength and a thunderous sense of self-knowing?

Breathe into those feelings. Let them bubble in your body. Let them dance and loosen up your limbs.

Nothing else matters right now. Can you hold this thought… nothing else matters right now? Read the line again and know it, feel it in your body and not just your mind that yes, you can.

You are present in this moment. Go now into your day and assured of your strength, light and wisdom.

If you need guidance, let me be your guide for meditation, healing and visionary pursuits.