The other day I was listening to the Marc Maron podcast WTF. He was talking about a recent standup comedy show he performed in Ireland. In one part, he opens up about his relationship with his girlfriend, Lynn Shelton, and how she died unexpectedly during the pandemic.

As he was speaking about her passing the lights in the theater began to flicker on and off. They continued to do that for about 5 minutes. He said he had to acknowledge that something out of the ordinary was occurring and that people in the audience felt it too.

He shared he allowed himself to feel the “mystical” nature of what was happening and said, “Hello Lynn.” out aloud.

Then later when he was in his hotel room, the lights flickered on and off. This experience affected him in ways he couldn’t rationalize.

As I listened, a thought bubbled up to the surface of my mind,” It’s been a while since something like that has happened to me.” (What I meant by that was that I hadn’t had communication from somebody on the other side).

Then the dual energy of yearning and excitement began to simmer in my body. I wanted that kind of communication from loved ones who have passed; flickering lights or crazy coincidences, I would take them all.

Also, these experiences assure me that all is not as it seems. That the veils part once in a while to reveal a bigger world than we can measure or gauge.

A few days later as I was waking up, I checked my watch to see what time it was. It said 4.15 am. I was annoyed with my watch because it meant either it was broken or it needed a new battery. It’s my mum’s old watch.

It wasn’t until the afternoon that I put 2 and 2 together. 1 had wished for some communication from the other side and 2 Romeo had died at 4.15 am.

For a brief moment I allowed myself to think about Romeo and wonder out aloud,” Romeo was that you?” I felt my heart ripple in the recognition of how much I miss him and how much I’m still grieving him. It’s quieter but it is there.

Was it Romeo contacting me? Or was it a coincidence that my watch stopped at that time?

For some, it will be a coincidence; for some, it will be contact. For me, it felt like a little kiss from the unknown, a little synchronicity, saying that we are connected in ways that we don’t immediately recognize or know. But that we are connected. I can send messages of love and joy to those who have passed. And in turn, I can receive messages from them.

Today, I encourage you to be curious about signs, coincidences, and synchronicities just for fun. I wonder how many times a friend or family member has called you just as you were thinking about them. Did that tickle you? Or, found yourself humming a tune and it comes on the TV or radio? Enjoy!

Today, I encourage you to contemplate these questions in order to discover how far you’ve come and to see where you may want to go from here.