Last week, I sat down for an interview with Alberto Calvet of Sociedad Internacional de Estudios Transpersonales
The subject of our discourse? Human Literacy, a favorite topic of mine & a popular discussion at the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness.

At its simplest level, Human Literacy is an examination of what it truly means to be human, without the constriction of identification filters, filters like age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

How would you experience the world without these filters? What if they never existed? How would you relate to society and others around you? What would your perspectives & goals look like? How would your consciousness evolve?

These are some of the questions we will be exploring in the Creatividad e Innovación en la Formación Humana seminar and I invite you to join us! Take a look at the video right here to learn more:

Humanity Literacy with Navjit Kandola

If you’re in Mexico City, I warmly welcome you to join Alberto and I at the Creatividad e Innovación en la Formación Humana 28-30th  September, 2012, Mexico City, Mexico.



Hope to see you there!

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