Let me introduce you to two very interesting and inspiring chaps: Ray Kurzweil and Jason Silva.

They call themselves “futurists”, and they bring a breath of minty freshness to the typically-stagnant visions of what’s ahead for the 21st century. Their version of the future is alive, fun and dynamic. Whether they’re speaking about artificial intelligence (AI), smart AI white blood cells attacking cancer cells, or assemblers making cups of Earl grey tea on command, they make projections for the progress of technology that are accessible and sexy.

I’ve heard them throw out phrases and ideas like: “revelatory ecstasy” and “free of our biological roots”. They speculate that “by the 2030s, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate”,  and “the mundane blown away by awe”.

I would love to hang out with these two and spin some ideas of my own.

Have a look at these videos and see these gents in action for yourself. It’s a gorgeous glimpse into our possible futures:

Turning into Gods

Transcendent Man – Ray Kurzweil

Imagination – Jason Silva


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