This week I’m thrilled to share a guest post I did for Shann Vander Leek’s Transformation Goddess Experience. Here’s a sneak peek at the post, but be sure to head over to Shann’s site for the full piece!

Photo credit: Kareena Kapoor, 3 Idiots

What does it really mean to connect to a goddess?

I wonder why we use that lexicon to connect to the “higher” realms of our being/consciousness. When I look back on the lengthy reign of gods and goddesses throughout history, there is so much strife, entanglement, and suffering created by these so-called deities. I am surprised we call upon them still!

I wonder about the whereabouts of the goddess, the origin of all things, as we emerged from the primordial soup as bacteria and single celled amoebas. Did she love us then? Did we wonder about her?

But then I take a step back, and imagine people telling me that when they speak about the goddess they are referring to an essence. An untouchable, unknowable, omnipresent essence that is holy, divine and feminine.

I can understand that….

I see women dress in beautiful, flowing clothes, scent their bodies, and move sensually. To me, this is akin to the dressing of an altar – these women are honouring the goddess that lies within them.

Read the full post here!

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