While I truly love the meaning behind Women’s History Month, and stand proud among my sisters as we take this time to reflect on how far we’ve come… It’s a little funny to me.

This idea of celebrating women, or having to raise awareness to end violence against women, still surprises me somehow. It is stranger still that we think a woman’s shape should conform to whatever fad the society/media seems to be promoting. Or that our vaginas need to be bejewelled. Or that any body hair makes us undesirable.

I find it amusing not because I’m disconnected or cynical, but because I can’t believe we’re still stuck in these conversations. Was slavery but a blink ago? Did we not learn anything?

How many times have you sat in a meeting or been in a family gathering where men take up most or all of the space? How many times have you heard of women being raped, beaten, or undermined?

Is there something we still need to wake up from? Is there a karma we are burning off by being born as women? What behaviours have we inherited after so many millennia of subjugation and inferiority? What do we, as a sex, want?

As synchronicity would have it, Saskia Roell (the mind behind YourSoulGuidance.com and Transformation Talk Radio) and I spoke about these very questions recently. Together, we examined ways to break through the roles that keep us locked in inequality and oppression; in our relationships, work and play. Here’s a sneak peek of what we covered:

The roles women have inherited
How to release negative mental scripts about being a woman
The positive karma of being born a woman
The power of emotions
Beyond being a goddess

I invite you to have a listen:
Saskia interview – The Karma of Being a Woman
Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 8.30.07 PM

Don’t just take this month to celebrate your inner feminine (this goes for men too!). Every day should be a chance to appreciate who you are, and everything you’ve been able to achieve.

Move ever-forward with light!

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