For those of you who don’t know me, I’m shopping for a new house right now.

The good news: I may have found just the one I was looking for.
The bad news: there are a few blocks between me and said Dream Home. Primarily the bank, and a mercury retrograde of epic proportions.

When I encounter obstacles on the road to my dream or project, I switch on my manifesting awareness to see what’s actually going on.

First, I Iook within. Are there any thought forms or conclusions that could be sabotaging this project, preventing it from moving forward? Is it the right time? Is this the right house? etc.

Once I have that intel, I look at the external factors: what do I need to move, align or release in order to achieve the best result? How can I meet the needs/desire of my dream or project? I practice using my manifesting tools.

Some people believe that only hard work can manifest what we want, and others just want to wave a wand or say Abracadabra!, and have their dream partner, home, life or stuff materialize instantly. I have found that real manifesting actually requires a little of both. You need a sprinkling of magic (synchronicity, daring, dreams), a great deal of intention and a whole lot of input (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual from you) to make things happen.

Here’s a guide to help you to refine your manifesting superpowers. Wands up!

1. If you want it, give it.  One way I practice this when it comes to money: I give it (money) away – especially when I need it the most. I hide dollars on shelves in supermarkets, I put change in parking meters, or donate whatever I can to charity. It doesn’t have to be very much, but by doing this, I’m communicating to my subconscious that I have enough, that I don’t need to squeeze. And, more than anything, giving money away like this is so much fun that I let go of the logistics (like “How do I make more money?”) and get into the creativity of cash flow.

By allowing yourself to play and get into the moment, you release the stagnation/fear so that  energy can begin to flow again. Try it out and see what happens!

2. What do you really want?  Are you going after the symbol that represents the experience you are seeking instead of the experience itself? You may want a Porsche (symbol) because you think it will make you look successful… but what you may actually be yearning for is a sense of wholeness, security and belonging. And guess what? The Porsche probably won’t create that for you.

Tune in and distill what you want to feel like in your life. Peaceful? Content? Relaxed? Connect to that. Send that wish out into the vast universe, and allow it to enter your life.

3. This is the one.  The only one.  Have you ever told yourself: “This is it. If I can have this house, this person, this job, this money, I will be complete.”?  When you limit and narrow yourself like this, you’re basically asking the universe to have a laugh at your expense. There are more houses, partners and jobs than you can imagine… and the truth is, you will always want more.

So be sure to leave some wiggle room for something to come along that fits you better. It may not look like what you asked for, but it just might be exactly what you need.

4. Focus.  It is easy to get caught up in the notion of your dream; you live it, feel it and tell everyone about it.  And then… your desire fizzles out. You don’t have the energy, or you doubt yourself, so nothing comes of your dream.  Remember: once you have the idea, funnel all the effort you can spare into making it reality. Don’t waste time. FOCUS.

5. Build your stamina.  You cannot manifest anything without the stamina to hold onto that vision/possibility/feeling through turbulence and setbacks. When you hit a snag, remind yourself that each setback is an opportunity to refine your vision, deepen your commitment and strengthen your resolve. Whenever you experience a setback, it means something better must be just on the horizon. Keep going.

6 Have you already found what you’re looking for? The thing you’re trying to manifest may be staring you in the face already. Look around you, and appreciate what you have – it may not look like Ryan Gosling (Hey girl), but what you have at home is what makes you feel at home. And that’s just gorgeous.

7 Build your  follow-through muscles.  So many dreams, ideas and desires get abandoned before their first breath. Practice, practice, practice bringing your visions to completion. Try to work off that “Oops, don’t want that anymore!” pattern. Start with small, simple projects, and build up your strength.

Start by setting some goals for each day, and completing them. It could be something as simple as writing an email to someone you admire, or cleaning your kitchen. By seeing these tasks through, you’re creating pathways in your consciousness that can be used as tracks for bigger projects.

8 Listen.  Listen wisely, whether it is to your own voice, or to the opinions of others. Discern between reason, fears and empty doubt. Listen to your inner voice and trust your instincts. By doing so, you’ll avoid many lopsided manifestations.

9 Do you know what’s in your tool kit? Miracles, serendipity, and synchronicity are like the cool kids on the playground – it’s exciting to mingle with that crowd and make magic happen. But don’t forget that effort, dedication, devotion, determination and focus are just as cool; without them, a possibility does not become an actuality. Befriend them all for incredible results.

10 Are you waiting for a sign? So many people get stuck waiting for that burning bush, the great, holy “Yes, you can do this because the Powers That Be say so!”.  You should not be holding out for signs to decide how or when to proceed with your manifesting. Listen within, and use some logic. On the other hand, once you get moving, keep your eyes open. There are definite road signs on your way. You’ll spot them if you’re looking.

11 Does failure scare you? Refuse to let your fear of failure prevent you from trying again. There’s always a lesson to be learned when things go south. Study the mechanics of your manifesting style, and discover the glitches in your machine – especially your thought forms and conclusions.

And remember the immortal words of Rocky Balboa, “It’s not how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

And what of my home buying enterprise? It’s all about timing. I am waiting for the right moment to start the ball rolling again – I get the feeling it is going to be about 3 weeks. And in the meantime, I am doing my 2011 taxes! It all fits somehow. You just have to recognize which pieces go where, when, how and with whom.

Happy manifesting!

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