My best nine from 2015!

My best nine from 2015!

Want to start 2016 with clarity and confidence? Yes? Bravissimo!

I raise my glass to you. And to that end, I want to invite you to have a FREE Discovery Session with me. Think of it as dropping in for a cup of tea and having a lovely chat to uplift your heart and get your ducks in a row. Sound good?

Plus, if you have been curious about connecting to your Higher Self or wanted to experience deep inner knowing, now is your chance to open that door to self-discovery.

When my clients start working with me, they know one thing for sure: they want transformation. I listen to them and help them to leap, to become ever clearer and closer to hearing what’s true for them. They learn to override doubts and self-sabotage and pay attention to their inner knowing*.

“Stand up!”

“Even in the dark you are ok.”

“There’s no one that can stop me, other than me.”

All these messages are words that my clients have uttered as messages from their Higher Selves during their one-on-one sessions with me. In and of themselves, these are pretty mundane statements. They may even sound cliched but when we give these statements the focus and attention they deserve, we realize that they are extremely specific directions coming from the deepest knowing within client; instructions that will lead them out of their struggles and stagnation.

I love the quiet that usually settles in when a message is being experienced by a client. There is a ripple-out effect that happens, as a truth touches another truth,that touches another. It keeps rippling, going beyond knowing and feeling, transcending time and space, releasing the bindings encasing the client. And in turn, changing everything.

“I continued to be surprised at how powerful every single session was. With you, every session felt like it made a major shift.You are able to get to, in, around, and through the things that no one else has been able to.” – Jenny Shih

Imagine layer upon layer of these revelations unfolding and amplifying; building positive feedback loops, self-esteem and inner strength. Each adding to the previous, allowing you to show up in the world as strong, confident and able to contribute meaningfully . This truly happens.

We all have such profound inner knowing to guide and help us feel more safe and secure than we realize. It is not some other-worldly, airy fairy stuff but rather nuanced, specific truths that hit home every time.

So, as we commence this year, I want to ask you, are you ready to experience your unlimited self? Are you ready to taste freedom, inner strength and profound soulfulness? If your answer is Yes? Simply, click here to get your FREE  Discovery Session with me and get ready to launch life in brilliant and fulfilling ways.

Talk soon.

*what I mean by “inner knowing”, “deepest knowing” or intuition is connecting to an awareness that augments the body’s sensory input and reason..with emotional intelligence, allowing them to form a superior intellect to be harnessed for decision making when necessary.


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