You can’t fake a good twinkle in your eye. I’ve seen that twinkle in babies and grandmas. Dogs and dads! I’m so drawn to their lit up faces and that freshness they sparkle with.

Just recently while working with a client I came up with a new exercise that does exactly that ie create that twinkle.

I would love for you to try this exercise and give me your feedback. Want to try it? Here we go. Bring a mirror or your smart phone to get a good before and after comparison.

Find a place where you won’t be interrupted or disturbed by others. Make yourself comfortable. Take a look at yourself in the mirror or take a photo of yourself. Make a mental note of how you look and feel.

Now think of a time when you had a big, laugh out loud, side splitting, tummy aching, bending over belter of a laugh. Give yourself a few moments for the memory to come up. If one doesn’t pop up, think of one in which you chortled or snickered to yourself. Any one of these is a good place to start.

Does the memory make your lips curl into a smile? What else do you notice? Do you feel any changes in your body?


Photo: Vivi Photography

Stay with the memory and think about how you laugh; the physical act. Lips part, the mouth opens wide, chest rises and falls, shoulders shake. Maybe you clap your hands or giggles roll from your stomach to your mouth. Notice all the movements.

After you have looked at movements, mimic the movements in slow motion and without sounds. Imagine you are reenacting the scene as if in a silent movie that has been very slowed down.

From the first little chortle to the gasping for more air to holding your sides. However, you laughed in that memory, repeat it now but silently and slowly. Don’t think or judge how you might appear to others. This is for fun.

Do this a few times. Notice how it feels in your body. Do you feel a little brighter? More relaxed, open? Is there a smile on your face?

Now pick up your mirror and take a look. Look at your eyes. Are they twinkly? Do you have a smile on your face? Feel silly? All good.

That’s all there is to it. Did it work out for you? I’d love to hear from you and what you think of this exercise in the comments below.