Dear Friends,

What do you truly want? Is it a thing, a place, or a person? Is it within reach? Can you make it happen? If not, how does it feel to desire something that feels out of reach?

I know these days we can bend reality to meet most of our needs and wants. You have a hankering for a mango, more than likely you can get it. You want to go on a warm holiday, it’s possible if you save up some time and money.

But what about those things that are out of our range to manifest? When we can’t make a marriage work or find a partner to be in a fulfilling relationship? In such times, how do we soothe ourselves? What are we willing to accept in its stead?

Would you “take a cup o’ kindness” if you couldn’t get what you want?

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

I would and do so 1000 times and again. Kindness can soothe away disappointments, assuage old hurts and bring a little sparkle and sunshine to our souls.

Today, in the midst of our desires and disappointments I would like to invite you to be open to others’ kindness towards you. It may come in the form of a smile, someone holding the door open for you, an email, or a bird singing its heart out at the break of dawn.

When we allow kindness into our being it opens the door for something new. And sometimes that’s just the stepping stone we need.