Beech trees, Kingston Lacey, Dorset- Guy Edwards

Beech trees, Kingston Lacey, Dorset- Guy Edwards

If I were to ask you what are you grateful for, you would probably have a list of things a mile long that you could share with me in seconds. But can you answer as quickly when I ask: “what would make you feel appreciated today?”

When I ask myself that question, it takes me a few moments to move through the layers: thoughtful gestures such as, someone to clean out my closet, cook healthy meals for the rest of the month and make the 1001 decisions that take me away from the fun in my life, would probably be on the top of my list.

Why? Because the things that I desire the most are: time and freedom.

Time to breathe and be in the pulse of the day and freedom to explore, dance, sleep and relish life fully. But, as I continue to think through these ideas, I realize that I do have time and freedom. They are right here, right now. I can literally stand up and start dancing, read whatever interests me, even go to sleep for a while.

So, why do I wait for these things from the outside when I have them already?

Maybe, it’s me who needs to appreciate me and give myself a break from the daily routines and schedules? Perhaps, I need to snap out of pushing myself so hard, ease off the gas peddle and take in the scenery?

As I switch the settings in my consciousness to appreciating myself, I see an array of options open up for me. The swirl of activities that needed my attention begin to fall away, my breathing changes and a feeling of wakefulness rises to the surface. I start to connect to a deeper me that is time-rich and free.

Would you like to change your settings to appreciating yourself today? Come with me and try this little exercise and you will be well on your way to feeling grand!

1 Stop running – Step back from your life and make a note of all the things you are juggling in this moment, including all the things you are thinking about.

2 Think clearly – How urgently do these things need your attention right now? Are they as important as you think? If you are unsure of their importance then rate them 1 to 5 (rate emergencies as a 5). If, there are no emergencies, can you move some of the items around and spread them over the week? 

3 Gain insight – Are the things that need to happen, more important than you? Is how you feel important to you? Take a little time to feel into these questions and observe what insights you gain.

4 Prioritize – Once you arrive at the distinction that how you feel is important to you, you can take your first action step! Need a nap? Take it. Want to feel wide awake and engaged? Rock out at a concert or go rock climbing.  Start taking what makes you feel good seriously by appreciating what makes you feel alive.

Appreciation, when received from others, makes a huge difference to us, but when we appreciate ourselves, it changes the whole ball game. So, today, I want to encourage you to take that leap of faith and appreciate yourself by prioritizing your desires and dreams. Figure out what would make you feel appreciated and go get some! As we get closer to the holidays, let’s get some “me time” before we get lost in the hit and miss reality of family get togethers!

Now your turn, tell me what makes you feel appreciated in the comments below? What can I write about, share with you that would show my appreciation for you? Because without you, it’s just me and my thoughts, but with you, I am a universe.


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