whoneedstobeoutedIt’s my turn. I want to out myself.

Here it goes!

I am an optimist, my glass is half full, not empty, and I stand for the real estate of JOY.

(Meaning, I want to spread joy and inspire others to embrace their own joy. So much of of our emotional bandwidth is used up by stress, fear, anxiety that the more positive emotions become sidelined and with more frequency becoming ever rare.)

I am easily delighted, ready to giggle, would rather laugh than be skeptical.

I have no desire to wait for people to deserve my love or good intentions.

Everybody is in. It’s just easier.

I know that it serves no purpose to hold back on love or kindness or thoughtfulness. Just like the buds on the trees and bulbs in the ground our joy is waiting to burst forth – so why stop it?

There are within all of us voices of joy, play, gladness – words and exclamations just under the surface of our daily heartbeats.

Can you summon them? Can you feel the rush of excitement within you?

Could you, …would you choose to let out your lightness of being without cause or reason?

Don’t you want to out your joy, your smile? Don’t linger for another moment, come on OUT.

We can be a joyful, caring, loving sorts; easy to be around, filled with light and smiles. And, when we are, it opens new horizons for our hearts. YUM.

Sending you joy!

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imagesHere’s a love note from,  Bob Marley. He was OUT.  I just LOVE it.

“When the morning gathers the rainbow
Want you to know I’m a rainbow too.”

Photo Credit: Alexandra Nitsche

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