This past year moved at a fast clip, peppered with some heart-wrenching breakdowns, and triumphant breakthroughs. Some of us approached it with dread – fearing the fulfillment of the Mayan prophecy – whilst others readied themselves for a golden age.
2012, I’d say you did your job. You made us braver, and sobered us.  Patience, kindness and tender thoughts showed us a way to grace, and hopefully we will continue to learn the value of kinship, and the interrelatedness of all life.

And now, before we sing Auld Lang Syne and say goodbye to 2012, let’s take a moment to wrap this year up, energetically and soulfully.

For this meditation, carve out some time so you can give it your full attention and heart. Open your consciousness with courage, reflect, and listen within.

Here we go.

Take a beautiful deep breath into your whole, wondrous body. Give yourself some time, and listen for the stillness.

On your next deep breath, ask your Higher Self (HS) to show you if you have any loose ends that still need tying up. It might be a buried situation in  a relationship, or at work. It could be related to your health, or a dream. Take your time and listen.

Ask your HS questions, and feel into the nature of that which is coming into your awareness.

There may be several things that need your attention. Listen fully to all of them. They may be related, or completely separate issues. Inquire into each one, and ask what gift they need from you in order to come into completion. The gift could be a symbol, object, or color. Whatever form it takes, imagine it coming from the universe and straight to the place your body is holding the issue/s or themes that need closure.

Give yourself as much time as you need to soak in this gift. Feel your body begin to quieten, and take a moment to thoroughly absorb the sensation of calm that results. Some themes may need more time, enquiry or deep thought – give them that space and time.

Once you have created this completion with 2012, take a deep breath and imagine white light coming in from the universe through the top of your head, filling your whole body and then lasering out through your solar plexus. What does that feel like for you? Nourishing? Energizing? Continue with this exercise until you feel a shift – it could be a softness or lightness or quiet. It is all perfect.

Now breathe and allow 2013 to arise in your consciousness from a place of stillness and inner knowing.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey this year. Here’s to you my friends and Auld Lang Syne, click the image below to sing with me.

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 7.58.34 PM



See you in 2013