Dear Friends,

Look back at the year past and think of the bright spots. What adventures come to mind? Sunny days at the beach? A walk in the park? Meeting loved ones for a meal? How do those moments make you feel?

I think about trips to the Rio Grande and floating in it for hours, listening to the trickling, giggling sounds of the river waters meandering their way to the ocean. The blue skies and the sound of crickets. I love letting go and communing with nature.

This week see what calls you, maybe it’s an invitation to meet friends, a hike, a drive to the coast. You may have to clear your mind space to hear this intuitive signal. You may have to set aside chores or to-do lists, You may find yourself needing to push past responsibilities to grab the spirit of adventure. I invite you to grab it and see what happens.

I feel that if you do, you’ll fill the wellspring of your being. Be the kindling to your heart’s desire.