Photo Credit: Vivi Photography

I’ve never been one to throw lavish parties or make a big deal of my birthday. This could be in part because I grew up between two worlds. In India, where birthdays weren’t really a thing and the UK, where they were never our thing.

On the other hand, I have friends – you know who you are – who go all out for theirs. Fancy parties, week long festivities, travels to exotic locations, you name it and these friends will have done it. The more merriment, togetherness, loving playfulness and dancing the better.

I tend to celebrate mine with adventures in nature, usually with a small group. I think that’s about to change.

We celebrated my birthday a couple of days ago picnicking by a lovely stream. We talked. We laughed. We anchored ourselves into the beauty all around us. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

But next year I will be turning 50. A few friends have asked me what I am thinking of doing to mark the occasion. The creative side of me thinks: “A week long, Festival of Light.” I mean what else?!! And the other side groans and thinks: “the amount of organizing it’s going to take is a nightmare.”

That’s about as far as I usually get when thinking about such things but this time I am determined to celebrate my next birthday differently. I’m imagining exotic locations, merriment and lots of dancing to dub. Lots of dancing!

I think San Ignacio, Mexico, with its cosmic and soul uplifting gray whale encounters would be a great start to a year of celebration.That could be followed by a trip to Cornwall, UK for a family get together.

As for the week long Festival of Light…. well…

birthdayAll I know is that the festival would start an hour before sunrise… amrit vela – the time of nectar. People would awaken to the sound of a conch – with meditation followed by dancing – a full on rave. Perhaps some bathing in a river with dips in hot springs, breakfasts of coconut water, juices and ambrosia. Massages, long walks, and singing. Spelunking, service and a conference of friends, ideas, and love. A feeling of twinkling hearts and light is what I’m after.

That’s the idea – a start. Where or how it actually comes into being remains to be seen. I am just putting it out there.

How about you, have you had memorable birthdays or want to create one? Tell us your stories and ideas for what I could do for my 50th.