Your Voice

Image: Resist by Gayle Kabaker.

I marched in Santa Fe, NM as part of the Women’s march on Saturday. I saw people from different walks of life, but more than what I saw, I felt. I felt the positivity and community. I felt joy and I sensed people connecting, moving together for a greater good.

My heart had a different beat that whole day, fed by updates from family and friends all over the US and the world as they marched and stood up for their values and dreams.

The feeling of togetherness was very compelling and enlivening.

And then later that evening as I read my Facebook feed, I began to notice comments from Trump supporters. Some back and forth ensued and by the end of the evening, I was left with an ache in my heart.

I wondered should if I unfriend some of these people. To me, their goals and support of Trump’s policies seemed narrow-minded, uninformed and foolhardy.

I felt the division forming.

That night I did not sleep. I wondered what does it take for people to get out of their homes and take to the streets to support one ideology over another.

Perhaps the same feelings that brought us out to march may have been the same feelings that brought people to Trump rallies. Maybe those people felt fear for their livelihoods or felt they were overlooked or that their values didn’t matter?

Perhaps those celebrating Trump’s victory feel joy and freedom for the first time? Maybe they feel they now have a chance at having a good life?

Before I unfriend anyone, I want to understand where they are coming from and whether it is possible to live side by side. I am going to have to listen with an open heart and mind.

Often times when I’ve made statements similar to the one above, someone will invariably throw in something like: “Lol, sure, ’cause Hitler was defeated with hugs and kisses”

Listening with an open heart, being loving, extending kindness doesn’t mean we are passive or in denial of the very real suffering and challenges facing us. All that it means is that our starting point includes qualities that are important to us. Qualities that can help us bear the biggest differences between us, especially when those differences are borne out of fear.

When I listen to my own words deeply, I know that what I want comes from a place of caring for all peoples and a desire for the well-being of everyone. I know there are people on the other side who want this too.

It is my responsibility then to listen to my inner voice and connect to my inner knowing, the awareness within each us which augments our sensory input and reason with emotional intelligence, in order to better guide my thoughts, words, and actions; my responsibility, in other words, to listen to the voices and viewpoints of others.

You see, my voice, your voice, our voices and their voices can bring about the changes we madly desire and make this a peaceful planet with food for all, harmonious relationships and so much more.

It happens most effectively when we listen; when we know what’s in their hearts and minds too.

If you have stopped listening to your own voice or the voices of others, for whatever reasons, it is my sincere hope that you find the strength to revisit those relationships. If you need help taking those first steps, I am here for you. Book a free discovery session today.

Commit to changing yourself and your world.