My story ages 0-10

My earliest memory is a vivid scene of childhood wonder, a moment that still resonates with me. I recall wandering into a bush of roses, utterly captivated by their rich, blood-red color and the soft, inviting texture of their petals. Even as the thorns pricked me, I was drawn irresistibly closer, feeling a sense of belonging envelop me, a sensation that, in retrospect, was my first real experience of feeling truly at home.

My life, from those early days, was a kaleidoscope of changing landscapes, as my family moved between India and England. Each transition brought with it a whole new world to adapt to – different time zones, climates, cuisines, languages, and an array of cultural norms. The unique amalgam of sounds and smells – from planes and airports to the rhythmic clamor of rickshaws and tractors – became the familiar backdrop to these years of constant movement.


In India, our farm was more than just a home; it was a realm where my imagination soared, and my bond with nature deepened. I found solace in the open fields and the rhythms of rural life. Meanwhile, England presented a contrasting charm. There, the highlight of my week was the family gathering on Saturday afternoons, all of us crowded around the TV, immersing ourselves in popular TV shows and wrestling.

Throughout these experiences, I often found myself observing the world around me with keen interest, trying to piece together how I fit into the ever-changing composition of family, school, and friendships. There was a longing inside me, a wish for a deeper connection with my parents, though, at the time, I couldn’t quite name this desire. I harbored a dream to be someone special, good and valiant.


Looking back, I see that even as a child, I was marked by a certain fearlessness. Whether it was venturing into neighboring gardens to retrieve a lost ball or standing up against what I saw as unfair, bravery was something I leaned on. This innate courage was my guiding light, helping me navigate the complexities of growing up in two distinct cultures.

My childhood was also enriched by the magic of stories. I cherished the tales my grandparents and other elders shared, their words painting vivid pictures in my mind. I discovered dance and loved the way it made me feel so alive and vibrant. My siblings and I would sing Punjabi folk songs and dance to them, clapping our hands and stomping our feet in the footsteps of my ancestors. So much joy.

This myriad of experiences, woven from two different worlds, has shaped me into who I am today, grounding me in a rich heritage while instilling in me a spirit of resilience and exploration.