My story ages 40-50+

All the while, as I explored questions about my place and purpose in the world, I continued to work one-on-one with clients, helping them step into their own life’s purpose, driven from the inside.

I was passionately engaged in what I loved doing, but life had more profound lessons in store for me.

It threw me a curve ball on May 25th, 2010. I had a near-death experience. While admiring a beautiful sunset on the beach in the Bahamas with my 2-year-old son, a small plane flying too low struck nearby electrical wires, causing an explosion that left us with severe second and third-degree burns from burning jet fuel. 

The aftermath of the accident was grueling. Endless bandage changes, skin grafts, hospital stays, and visits to burn units were some of our many challenges. But through this ordeal, I learned valuable lessons about pain, trauma, and the ease with which circumstances can overwhelm even the strongest of us. I also learned the importance of my relationships – their warmth, comfort, support, and connection- which gave me the strength to endure the darkest days.

During this time, I recognized how crucial it was to keep a positive outlook and relinquish control. It became apparent that the priority was healing, one moment at a time.

My understanding of death deepened; I saw it not as the conclusion of our journey but as a transition, a part of our learning about how we perceive suffering, the cessation of life, and what lies beyond.

In time, I healed. I learned how to integrate the physical with the spiritual and the power of saying yes to becoming more embodied with my message and life’s work, spreading my wings, using my internal compass to guide me, and helping others become more whole, fulfilled, and self-actualized.

I find myself in a place where I desire to be, not wholly “fixed” but more embodied, compassionate, and with more capacity for relationships and life.

My wish is for you to be precisely where you yearn to be in your life, however, that may be at this point in your life. If you’re prepared to take the plunge, I encourage you to take that first step forward.