My story ages 30-40

My journey at Nizhoni unfolded into an extraordinary chapter of my life. Over 12 years, I navigated through diverse roles until I eventually became the director of the school. In this capacity, not only did I teach, but I also initiated outreach programs aimed at assisting troubled youth in schools, summer camps, and even at a detention center. Simultaneously, I produced and hosted two radio shows that delved into themes of consciousness, healing, and education.

Amid this professional growth, I arrived at a pivotal decision in my 30s. I felt ready to embrace love wholeheartedly. I wanted to give of my love and what better way to manifest this than by welcoming a dog – a Pharaoh Hound into my life? The joy he infused into my daily life was unparalleled, revealing a newfound sense of responsibility for another being in a way I had never felt before. It was during this period that I began to comprehend the depth of my parents’ protectiveness and their plans for my life.

The subsequent chapters saw me evolve into a wife and a mother, each role opening up fresh vistas of joy and expanding the chambers of my heart. These roles demanded that I be more embodied and present, more focused, and willing to grow, love, and learn.

Reflecting on the journey, I recognize that the most profound lessons unfolded within relationships. These lessons encompassed the intricacies of loving and grappling with being met in ways that stretched my definition of love. They involved navigating through tough choices, contemplating sacrifices, and extending self-compassion.

These years became a crucible where dreams were distilled, and deeper self-knowledge and wisdom emerged. It was during this time that I encountered death more vividly – the departure of my grandparents, a close friend, and my beloved Angus. Each loss left an indelible mark, contributing to the mosaic of my evolving self.